Filtrex Incorporated


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Filtrex, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of regenerative pre-coat media filters. We have over 400 installations worldwide and over 31 years of experience in the filtration business.

Filtrex Regenerative Diatomite Filters have developed a reputation for dependable services in tough applications. They have been used in a variety of swimming pools, including institutional, Y facilities, heavily used park district pools, and commercial water parks. These same filters have also been used in industrial situations where performance and durability are especially important.

Of particular importance to facility designers and managers are the significant savings afforded by Filtrex based systems. In many cases filter plant operational costs can be reduced by up to 80% as compared to conventional high rate sand and vacuum DE filters, while providing unequaled water clarity.

Our all stainless steel construction, yields a high quality product which given reasonable care and maintenance, will give a service life equal to that of the facility in which it is installed. In fact, over 97% of all Filtrex filters ever manufactured, are still in service.

In addition to our filter line, we offer a wide variety of filter room automation products, money saving variable speed drives, filter performance/turbidity testing, and forensic corrosion analysis services.