Filtrex Incorporated

Regenerative Filter Specifications

IS 5861 A
All Models: EC 145 – EC 2100


Nominal Particulate Removal Efficacy @ Max NSF Rated Flow
Better than 1.2 micron
Filter Aid EP FW-50/SP grade, challenge particulates — milled graded silica / Darco S51 carbon
Coulter Method: 0.85–1.2 micron (Beckman Z series counter)
Laser Sizing Method: 0.75–0.92 micron (Beckman LS series)
#140 Silica Test Turbidity Reduction (Single Pass 35 NTU influent)
≥ 98%
TRR ≤ 0.02 (Hach 2100N w/ dynamic sampling cell)
Onstream/Precoat Recycle Turbidity Transition Value
≤ 0.15 NTU (10 seconds after PR/OS transition)


Filter Head and Body Material
Type 304 ELC (stainless steel)
Weld Shielding Gas
Proprietary Mix (No CO₂)
Passivation Head and Body
Federal Specification QQ-P-35D
Passivation and other stainless internals (excluding fasteners)
Federal Specification QQ-P-35D
Inlet distributor
Proprietary Filtrex Radi-Flow™ Compensating Vortex Generator
Head Flow Equalization Baffles
Yes (EC 350S – EC 2100)
Filter Element Septa
Proprietary Filtrex Type LL93
Element Cores
Type 302 L; fully annealed and passivated to Federal Specification QQ-P-35D following fabrication
Warranty and Filter Internals
10 years
Toll-free Service
1-800-FILTREX (1-800-345-8739)
Service Calls On-site
No charge for life of system